Jacki Randall's Charm City Tattoo

300 S. Monroe St. Baltimore, Md. (410)566-7528

Tues-Sat 1-8pm
This is a single artist custom parlor featuring unique, original, fineline, freehand, portraiture, coverup & repair. Quotes given in shop only.  Absolutely NO under 18, piercing, or parties. No Exceptions.
Calling in advance for availability is advised as most of my work is by appointment. Please do not just show up as work is not interrupted for the door or the phone. Best time to reach me is usually late afternoon.
 Calls are returned ASAP!
Thank you for understanding, as you will be given the same focus and attention when being worked on.

Selected art is available in various formats at https://fineartamerica.com/artists/jacki+randall

Offering original, unique, custom, fineline, freehand, portraiture, coverup & repair work.
I strongly recommend calling in advance as I run a single-artist operation and when I'm booked, the lights are off & the door is locked. Rest assured, you will be given the same attention and focus when it's your turn.
Appointments are only booked with a deposit. No piercing, parties, minors or drunks; NO exceptions. Under 18 not permitted in shop.
I am frequently sought out by folks who are looking for an image that doesn't exist and requires drafting. Often clients will bring an assortment of images that come close, but are not the exact desired design.
Availability of a pre-existing flash is not only unnecessary to craft your tattoo, but generally undesirable if you want something truly unique.
For examples of some of these one-offs, go to the Home and More Tattoos pages.
To be tattooed, do NOT be sun (or UV) burned, pregnant, nursing, high, drunk, chemically enhanced, on high levels of blood thinner, hungover, infectious, or immune-compromised or deficient.
DO be, well-rested, sober, food in your stomach, relaxed, disciplined.
The quality of application and the process of work are crucial, so your focus is essential.
If a drunken 'bonding' experience is your desire, I am not who you seek

Originally from L.A., then various points east, I was a freelance artist & musician before taking up the trade as an independent in '91. I worked underground in San Francisco, then visited Albuquerque, and spent over a decade in Oregon's oldest shop, before returning to Baltimore. My features include Tattoo Savage, Outlaw Biker Tattoo Revue, Tabu Tattoo, and the NTA Newsletter, as well as radio, TV, book & newspaper coverage and countless published photos of my work. I maintain my Oregon Health Division License and a high awareness of Bloodborne Pathogens and Cross-Contamination through courses and seminars including, but not limited to;  Infection Control & OSHA Essentials, HIV/AIDS for Health Professionals, and further studies from accredited providers of continuing healthcare education. I offer original, custom, freehand, fineline & portraiture with the care of a perfectionist. I encourage you to search libraries, museums, and wherever inspiration lies for your unique creation.                                                                       

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