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Charm City Tattoo

300 S. Monroe St., Baltimore, MD 21223

(410) 566-7528

Tues-Sat approx. 1-8 (Hours vary)

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Who am I?


 Originally  from L.A., then various points east, I was a freelance artist &  musician before taking up the trade as an independent in '91. I worked  underground in San Francisco, then visited Albuquerque, and spent over a  decade in Oregon's oldest shop, before returning to Baltimore. My  features include Tattoo Savage, Outlaw Biker Tattoo Revue, Tabu Tattoo,  and the NTA Newsletter, as well as radio, TV, book & newspaper  coverage and countless published photos of my work.  For decades I maintained an Oregon Health Division License, and still  keep a high awareness of Bloodborne Pathogens and Cross-Contamination  through courses and seminars including, but not limited to;  Infection  Control & OSHA Essentials, HIV/AIDS for Health Professionals, and  further studies from accredited providers of continuing  healthcare education. I offer original, custom, freehand, fineline &  portraiture with the care of a perfectionist. I encourage you to search  libraries, museums, and wherever inspiration lies for your unique creation.