About My shop

Points of Interest

Charm City Tattoo is currently in the 'hood on the edge of the infamous Pigtown in Baltimore.

I'm the sole artist, Jacki Randall, and I was born when cars had fins. I've been creating since I could hold a pencil. I worked as a freelance artist and musician before taking up the trade  in 1990, occasionally receiving notice for my work, like the unexpected Special Citation from Gov. Schaefer.  If you ponder my ARTWORK page, you may recognize a couple of my murals in Baltimore City. My partial resume is listed beneath in the PROPAGANDA section and runs the gamut from historic houses of worship, to sex industry newspapers. 

I abandoned the programming of an art scholarship for the existential  experience, as no amount of training can truly make an artist of any stripe. You will not find pretension, condescension, or an obsequious  attitude here, just someone to put art on you. 

Offering original, unique, bespoke, custom, fineline, freehand and coverup & repair tattooing.

I work alone and never stop tattooing for the phone or the door, as each client deserves my undivided attention, as you will when in my chair. 

Many of my clients arrive with nothing more than an idea. If this describes you, I encourage you to search museums, google images, any and everywhere for source material. Listen for what speaks to you. Folks have brought me tea towels, jewelry, everything from porno to prayer cards. Failing all this, YES; I'll play mind-reader, but please make sure you've got something in there.   

My focus involves putting art on you that will stand the test of time, and continue to please in the decades to come. Tiny lettering and borderless blotches of color evade this category.

Should you call to check availability, I am happy to return your call ASAP.

Appointments are booked only with a deposit. If you're trying to see me as a walk-in, call right before you intend to head over, please do not just show up. Again, I don't interrupt tattooing. I'm in an urban location and distractions are locked out.

To be tattooed, you must be at least 18 years of age with current, valid ID or passport. Sorry, minors are not admitted. You must be sober, and not pregnant or sunburned. No exceptions whatsoever. If you have health issues such as immune compromising conditions or diabetes, it is wise to consult your physician beforehand.

Please do not show up early. If you arrive with time to spare, please find some way to occupy yourself. You will be expected at the time set for your appointment. Until then, I'm either finalizing another project or preparing for your arrival. 

The night before, don't drink, and do get a good night's sleep. Have something to eat an hour or two before getting worked on. Being tired, stressed, hungry, or worn out is not conducive to the process. 

Deposits are not refundable or transferable.

Deposits are applied to the price of your tattoo and/or drafting. 

Don't waste my time if you're not serious. Life is short and expensive.  

Stuck in traffic en route? Call. If half an hour passes the time of your appointment without word from you, you're considered a no-show.

No-show? Kiss your deposit Goodbye. If I allow you a last chance to repeat this process, it'll cost you. I'd rather be tattooing.


Rescheduling requires a two day notice. Postponements are to be within a month.

Anyone who has been drinking or has otherwise altered their consciousness will not be admitted into my shop. Feel free to indulge after being  tattooed, as long as you don't pose a danger to yourself, my work, or others.

It is my wish that you have the best possible experience, and your comfort frees me to concentrate solely on your tattoo work. 

Regarding the work displayed here,  the tattooing and all else represent but a tiny fraction of images commissioned, gifted,  or outright stolen, most of which I've forgotten decades ago. 

The Opertory


This is where you are tattooed. I play music appropriate to getting you into the zone. Most healthy, well-rested people enjoy the endorphin rush so much, that getting tattooed becomes a regular ritual.

You will not be wearing earbuds or engaged in electronic communication while visiting or being worked on.

If your need for entertainment is more important than your tattoo, please go elsewhere. I care what my work looks like.

Despite what you may have heard, being tattooed should not be excruciatingly painful. Unless you have an unusual physiological condition, you should be just fine. Excessive pain during tattooing usually indicates either a physical, mental or emotional imbalance, or a grossly inept practitioner.

You won't need to be holding anyone's hand, nor should you. Polite guests may be able to witness the process (depending on the job) and perhaps even speak to you as long as they don't interfere with the process. 

As the sign says, your cell phone must be turned off. If you have urgent concerns or an emergency that necessitates your being contacted, wait until they've passed to book your appointment or arrange a walk-in.

You're my canvas, and there is no reason this can't be done right the first time.